Amelia Earhart's Sister, Muriel
Muriel Earhart Morrissey ("Pidge")
Amelia's sister, friend, and confidante.

Muriel, Amelia's constant childhood companion and loyal friend, led a successful and rich life of her own -- as an educator, historian, civic worker, wife, and mother.

Muriel received undergraduate degrees from Smith College and Radcliffe. In 1929 she married Albert Morrissey, a Cambridge, Massachusetts manufacturer. After marrying and giving birth to two children, Muriel returned to graduate school, where she received a graduate degree in education from Harvard.

Muriel became a teacher of high school English, near Boston. She was also actively involved in several historical, conservation, and civic groups. Muriel was a Zonta International charter member, along with her sister Amelia. Zonta International, an international service organization, annually awards scholarships in Amelia's memory.


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