Amelia Earhart Trivia


What did Amelia do at a young age that was different than other girls?

Did Amelia have a rifle?

Even at a young age she thought she should be able to do whatever a boy could do.

Wear pants and climb trees.

Yes and she killed rates with it.


When did Amelia Earhart know she wanted to be a pilot?

Were there alot of female pilots in the 1920's?

After her father bought her a a 10 minute plane rode in 1920.

There were 117 female pilots in 1929.


Who wrote the book "The Fun of It?

Did she write any other books?  Yes 20 hours 40 minutes and Last Flight was compiled after her disappearance.

Who was her publisher?

You guessed right if you said Amelia Earhart.


George Putnum who became her husband.


Was she the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic?

What does aviator mean?

Yes in 1932.  She was 31 yrs old.


It means someone that is a pilot.


What other jobs did Amelia Earhart have? There were more than what is listed to the right.

What magazine was she a aviation editor for?

Nurses Aide, Clothes Designer, Airline owner, Author, College Counselor and Advisor, Magazine Editor

Cosmopolitan.  She also wrote about her flights for National Geographic


Amelia set records in a aviation machine besides a regular airplane.  What was it?

Read more here:

It was the aerogyro.  Pictured to the right.


What age did Amelia Earhart get her pilots license?

Did she already have her driver's license?



AE - children - teaching - motor - 1935.
A meeting of the Ninety-Nines, the women
Transport pilots license number 5716 iss