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Amelia Earhart Trivia

As a young girl, how was Amelia different from other girls her age?

Amelia believed she could do anything a boy could do. She preferred to wear pants and she enjoyed climbing trees.

True or False?

Amelia owned and shot a rifle?

True! She went after rats!

When did Amelia realize she wanted to become a pilot?

In 1920 when her father purchased a 10 minute plane ride for her!

How many Women pilots were there in the 1920's?

By 1929, there were 117 women pilots. 

Did you know that Amelia wrote a book? What was the title?

The Fun of it

  She also wrote 20 hours 40 minutes and Last Flight was compiled after her disappearance.

Her publisher George Putnum later became her husband!

How old was Amelia when she became the first woman aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic?

At 34 years old in 1932

What were some jobs that Amelia worked?

Clothing Designer, Airline owner, Nurse's Aide, Author, University Adviser, Magazine Editor, and more!

She worked for Cosmo and wrote about her flights for National Geographic.

Amelia set aviation records in what other type of aviation machine other than an airplane?

An Autogyro

Amelia Earhart standing in front of an autogiro

Amelia earned her pilot's license at what age?

She was 24 years old

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