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National Hat Day is January 15th - prizes for the best hat next weekend

National Hat Day, January 15th - How many hats did Amelia have?

Come to museum on January 15th or 16th and wear a hat. The best hat will WIN a prize. We will also be taking pictures throughout the day to post to our website and social media. We will have some old hats to look at and leather and furry aviator hats too. We have a hat that Hilary Swank wore in the Amelia Earhart movie in 2009. It would be interesting to know how many hats Amelia Earhart had. We know she had a brown aviator hat, white aviator hat, dress hats with ribbon, dress hats with feathers, and I found her wearing a black fedora hat (pictured in post "Why Do Aviators Wear Hats" ) to the Lose Angeles Court house to be an expert witness concerning a plane crash that happened in which Paul Mantz was involved. I couldn't find the year that happened. Does anyone know?

by Heather Roesch

Director of the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum



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