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Amelia the photographer

Did Amelia use a Kodak camera?

Many Amelia enthusiasts and historians alike find it odd that despite all of her endorsements, #Kodak was not one of them.

Evidence of the type and model of the camera she used is not 100% definitive and it can be difficult for historians and analysts to identify through the photographs. Theories based on deductive observation have led to a likely probability that one of her cameras (one was lost in a fire at their home) was a Kodak.

Thanks to the discipline of military procedures, an inventory list from one of her flights recorded her lens for her camera. "Their inventory shows that her camera had a lens s/no of 865715, which identifies it as an early 1936 f3.5 Schneider Xenar or the rebadged Kodak Anastigmat version thereof, since both used standard Schneider chronological numbering. On the balance of probability, it's more likely to have been the US-market KA model." (Koning).

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