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Best Amelia Earhart Inspired Tattoos

Number One:

We cannot get over how beautiful and classic this traditional-style tattoo is. Artist: Cory Lenherr

Number Two:

I think this one speaks for itself. The mastery of ink and portraiture is unrivaled! #inkmachines #intenzetattooink #sorrymomtattoo

Number Three:

This stylized rendition of Amelia encapsulates her beauty perfectly! Just look at the way these colors pop!

Number Four:

For those afraid of commitment, look at these adorable TEMPORARY tattoos! You can buy a couple on Etsy!! #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness CLICK the image for the link.

Number Five:

Here is another traditional style Amelia Earhart tattoo! This one looks like it has 1920s flapper samurai vibes!

Number Six:

We just cannot get over these amazing portraits. This one even included a plane.

Number Seven:

By Holly Ellis: @hollyellistattoo. Beautiful with her Lockheed Vega that she crossed the Atlantic in and had another record under her belt.

Number Eight:

After seeing this aviation-themed leg sleeve, we just cannot fathom anything more amazing.



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